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The source of interaction.

DMIx creates completely new digital dimensions of global interaction and exchange between brands and suppliers in the fashion and lifestyle industry. The unique DMIx Software-as-Service (SaaS) solution covers all relevant areas – from digital product development to production in a unique color and appearance controlled environment.

DMIx enables all stakeholders to interact based on standardized digital colors, raw materials, products, human avatars and real-time master data, including design and PLM solutions.

DMIx supports the integrated supply chain from inspiration to mass production of raw materials and fully covers all 3D design development requirements including digital twins.

Transforming common processes – for greater sustainability and strong collaboration.

Discover the next level:
the meta level of collaboration.

Real Color

Full control about all color related areas.

Align workflows in design, sourcing and production, based on industry standards and spectral measurements, excluding interfering influences. Connecting standard software solutions and devices along the supply chain.

Profit by real time interaction and transparency over your color workflow – enabling faster, more ecological and reliable processes leading to major improvements in retail accuracy of your product collections.

3D Material

Your innovative, independent digital raw material library.

Scan, create, customize and share digital raw materials between your existing 3D landscape and scale up 3D processes for maximum speed and savings – always connected to your real products and production.

Create or scan photo-realistic materials and complex scenes using the integrated render service, all the way to e-com ready content for sales and marketing.

3D Objects

Your imagination – no limits.

Upload and share complex objects and take control of scale, material mapping and alignment.

From a single button to multi-material, accessories and trims – the DMIx tools cover your 3D workflows on an industrial level, fully aligned with real colors and materials in a unique ecosystem.

Adopt and change creations with immediate results – even during an important sales presentation.

3D Humans

Digitize the last step on the route to market.

The peak of 3D development: human representation. Directly touching consumer communication with a high-end rendering solution excels the workflow and interaction between fitting avatars and digital humans presenting your collection.

Create stunning 3D content based on your existing assets by combining your materials with garments and avatars in a fully digital environment.

Export the final photorealistic images to be used in e-com, social media or general sales activities.

Master Data

Full end-to-end product transparency.

Complete your digital products with master data and connect key information in real-time with your PLM / ERP solutions.

Benefit from a platform that offers many functionalities to document full product transparency and traceability. DMIx supports the integration of details across all tier levels.

An easy-to-use interface enables you to quickly find materials or objects and enables users to transfer and exchange data in an existing software environment.

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