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Save time and resources with a seamless, phygital ecosystem for holistic interaction along the supply chain.

Streamline your supply-chain with a phygital ecosystem that connects fashion and lifestyle brands with suppliers. Utilize our digital twin standard to make informed decisions on product development reducing the need for physical prototypes. Save time and resources while improving efficiency and accuracy. DMIx empowers your product development and supports a sustainable future.

Unlock the full potential of your product development process with DMIx’s flexible eco-system

Our platform connects suppliers to your brand and enables better collaboration, transparency, and performance measurement. DMIx’s digital twin standard allows you to easily integrate traditional standards into digital-based solutions, streamlining your product development process, reducing waste and overproduction, and increase efficiency and accuracy. Take control of your supply chain with DMIx.

Upgrade your processes with DMIx’s digitalization workflows

Our platform enables suppliers to easily digitize sensitive processes, reducing effort and increasing efficiency. Utilize our standardized, instant technical feedback and collaborative component for product creation or development. DMIx’s ‘digitize once – for many’ approach allows your assets to be used by multiple clients across a wide range of applications, both within and outside of our platform.

Digital Twin Standard

The unique approach: DMIx uses common industry standards for colorimetric functionalities and spectral color information to manage color and appearance in all areas. Our system creates a standard view, comparable to reality. Ensuring reliable, sustainable digital communication and standing out from other solutions in the market. Effective color management is crucial for design and production, heavily influencing consumer buying decisions in online and stationery retail.

DMIx Digital Twin Technology

Connecting your world to DMIx

Why built what already exists? DMIx connects the dots for you. Our platform seamlessly integrates existing solutions into a holistic workflow for maximum efficiency. We are proud to already partner with various well-respected industry leaders in software and hardware tools, and the list continues to grow. Join the DMIx ecosystem and experience the benefits of a connected and streamlined product development process.

Areas of expertise

Color Technology

DMIx enables the evaluation of all aspects of colors based on spectral measurements for industrial production or visual, screen-based design tasks.

Color Technology

3D Technology

DMIx 3D technology offers a fully featured toolset to establish an efficient, scalable, and holistic end-to-end workflow.

3D Technology

Master Data Exchange

DMIx PaX is the first real-time meta platform that revolutionizes the way brands and suppliers interact based on data.

Master Data Exchange

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