Colors and DMIx

In today’s world, sustainability is more than just a buzzword, it is a necessity. This also applies to the field of color management.

At DMIx, we are experts in optimizing process steps that currently generate a lot of waste and transportation, with focused digital solutions. Every day, our customers experience that they can achieve exceptionally high color quality without negatively impacting the planet.

Sustainable color control is about reducing waste and claims, using resources wisely and choosing environmentally responsible options throughout the color lifecycle. From selecting sustainable materials to optimizing production processes, every step counts.

Our mission at DMIx is to provide tools and technologies that support these initiatives. By partnering with customers who prioritize sustainability, we contribute not only to improving the color accuracy of their products, but also reducing their business’s environmental footprint. The improvement in efficiency and speed within the company emerges as a positive side effect.

In summary, this digital approach is a game-changer in benefits for quality, the environment and long-term success.

Discover how sustainable color management can change your company on our Color Technology pages or hear it from our customer IMPETUS.


This post is part of our exciting LinkedIn series “Colors and DMIx“, where we will explore the vibrant world of color and its impact in different industries. Each week we will look at a different facet of color and find out its importance in our lives and businesses.

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