DMIx Color Technology - metamerism

Have you ever picked a fabric that looked perfect in the store but completely different at home?
That’s metamerism – a fascinating phenomenon where colors seem to change under different lighting conditions. It’s a common hurdle in industries relying on precise color matching, from fashion to home decor.

At DMIx, we know about the intricacies of metamerism. Our innovative solutions are designed to ensure that the colors you select remain consistent, regardless of the light source. This consistency is crucial not only for aesthetic harmony, but also for brand integrity and product quality.

Understanding and controlling metamerism is key to achieving color accuracy. Our DMIx color technologies enable designers, manufacturers, and quality controllers to make informed decisions to ensure that what you see is what you get – in any light.

Navigate the complexities of color matching with DMIx. Dive deeper into the world of color on our website Color Technology to learn how our cutting-edge tools can help you overcome metamerism and maintain color integrity in your projects.


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