Revolutionize your product development with DMIx 3D Technology:

  • Share 3D assets in library
  • Advanced digital material tech
  • Virtual product co-development
  • Real-time, high-end 3D viewer
  • Automatic photo-realistic preview
  • Variety of import formats supported
  • Hyper-realistic avatars creation
  • Cloud-render service
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Flexible and Secure Product Sharing

DMIx 3D technology offers a fully featured toolset to establish an efficient, scalable, and holistic end-to-end workflow for materials, trims, and accessories based on the highest standards available. Share your products through the 3D-Library with flexibility and security, packed with features to improve overall performance and direct impact on P&L parameters.

Advanced Digital Material Technology

Digitalize once, use everywhere: DMIx provides efficient access to the most advanced digital material technology available today and works flexibly with all major software solutions for 2D & 3D development. Intuitive and easy to use, DMIx tools will help you take full advantage of today’s digital possibilities.

DMIx Screenshot
DMIx Screenshot

Virtual Product Co-development

In combination with DMIx CoopR, the co-development of virtual products becomes easy and can be organized within your team or connected suppliers. Based on DMIx Digital Twin technology, development and buying decisions can be based on digital assets, enabling and improving sourcing for all stakeholders.

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Main 3D Modules

DMIx 3DMagic

The 3D-Magic module is the tool for your daily work as a 3D specialist with digital materials (textures) and 3D objects. The tiling and material editor are based on the practical experience of 3D artists in various areas of the industry and allow for scaling workflows with the highest quality based on DMIx Digital Twin technology.

In terms of material textures, we go far beyond the requirements of popular 3D software applications and already support 11 different PBR texture maps as a base for our hyper realistic renderings. We offer nondestructive filter sets for material authoring to generate or adjust different maps, general colors, or effects. The recolor capabilities in combination with the DMIx spectral color library are not reached by any solution in this way.

3D-Magic works with various file formats and hardware components. It can generate textures direct from colors and images (flatbed-scans, photos) and also works with PBR-scanning equipment (Vizoo© ,X-rite-TAC©, e.g.)

DMIx 3DLibrary

The DMIx 3D-Library enables you to host and share all your 3D assets in one place while being able to share your assets in a secure way with your company teams (brand side) or clients (supplier side). Be it material, objects, trims and accessories, products, or full garments.

Based on DMIx Digital Twin Technology – we offer a fully featured system to establish an efficient and holistic virtualization workflow. This enables you to share your products, secure and packed with features for presenting and organization. The 3D-Library offers a real-time, high-end 3D-Viewer and access to our vRay® based render pipeline for the automatic generation of photorealistic preview pictures or individual compositions.

It relates to your original set of product master data that we can connect via DMIx PaX – parameter exchange, from various sources to give clients and designers a full overview on the products – ready to share with their own PLM system.

DMIx 3D-Library provides efficient access to the most advanced digital material technologies today and works with all major software solutions for 2D and 3D development available. Through this, we can transfer all necessary object and texture data with the corresponding physical properties and convert them with our unique AI support according to the requirements of the individual programs. (CLO <> Drag n Drop Video) Thus creating a in depth pre-bom information pack in combination with the PaX master data pipeline.

The library supports various import formats like Khronos Group® glTF, Adobe® Substance® (SBSAR), Vizoo® (U3MA, XTEX) and is via API connected to industry solutions like Penelope® or similar material and weaving simulators.

DMIx 3DStudio

DMIx 3D Studio is your entrance to shooting hyper realistic images of your products. Here you can combine objects, materials, and avatars in realistic studio environments where all parameters are controlled. Chose the perfect focal length, angle, lights, and background and let the DMIx render pipeline do the work for you.

No additional software or hardware is needed on your site. With 3D-Studio we are not only making a complex workflow easy – we are also laying the ground for an automated pipeline to create specific e-com ready images for various online retailers. With this, we are saving time and money consuming steps in classical workflows. Prototypes, studios, models, and styling … all that can be set in your already existing digital product pipeline and never cause real life action. In combination with our hyper realistic DMIx StudioAvatars, we provide the first end-to-end solution bringing together digital product development and consumer driven marketing demands.

The final V-Ray render pipeline uses the full quality of the DMIx 3D Library materials to generate photorealistic, lifelike images.

DMIx StudioAvatars

Fashion and lifestyle brands depend on the right human character to represent their products. Up to this point, the 3D workflow was not able to reach marketing demands to substitute the original human figure on pictures in e-com systems.

To survive product diversity and fast pace of the industry, the avatars need to be lifelike and still fit into the CAD based workflow depending on standard sizes and regulations. Together with our partner Verce©, we created a library of human characters based on standard sizes in various poses. We are also able to customize poses or manufacture avatars to your needs in any quantity. All with the highest quality to build your own exclusive model team. Our experienced professionals will help you create the perfect 3D avatars to make your vision come to life.

Together with DMIx 3D-Studio, adding even more flexibility, you can exchange characters, materials, and colors without going back to CAD. Additional libraries for shoes, glasses and accessories are included. When the rendering process starts, we exchange not only the “base model” used in CAD with the high end “twin model” but also the lower quality “real time” textures with DMIx materials. This leads to images that cannot be identified as computer generated anymore.

With this groundbreaking combination of technology and skills, the finale image is also still connected to all material and product data, that can be accessed via DMIx for PLM, production, sales, and customer information.


„Due to the high digital colour standards and photorealistic looks, our clients trust the digital twin and approve the sample. This process saves us a lot of time, costs, and resources.“

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