3D Creative Design Competition @itsclo3d

Calling all 3D fashion designers: It's CLO Virtual Fashion's 3D Creative Design Competition! At DMIx we are thrilled to be a part of this amazing event to support 3D fashion talent. With a grand prize of $7,000, it's…

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Moodboards, eXcite color trends

New color trends for Autumn/Winter 2024/2025

Experience the captivating world of Autumn/Winter 2024/2025 fashion color trends with the newly added eXcite Moods & Colors trendboards. As part of the DMIx inspiration hub for design teams, brands, and suppliers,…

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White Paper: Colorful Connections

📚 SPEED - EFFICIENCY - RETAIL COLOR ACCURACY Streamline your supply chain's quality, accelerate product development, and achieve unprecedented cost and resource efficiency - and by the bye, elevate your consumers' brand…

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Sympatex extends its partnership with DMIx

Sympatex and ColorDigital Collaborate to Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency with Digitalization DMIx® by ColorDigital GmbH, a leading provider of collaborative solutions for digitalization, is pleased to announce the…

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DMIx release 2-2023

New DMIx version 2.1.0

DMIx has released Update 2-2023, focused on enhancing quality and workflow efficiency in Digital Product Creation (DPC). The newest version of the DMIx App, version 2.1.0, includes powerful performance improvements,…

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DMIx nominated for the 2023 Webby Awards

DMIx is a Webby Award nominee!  We are thrilled to announce that DMIx by ColorDigital GmbH has been nominated for the Webby Awards 2023! We're honored to be recognized for our innovation and creativity in with our…

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DMIx is ISO 27001 certified

DMIx achieves ISO 27001 certification

With this step, we are underpinning our claim from day one to the highest possible quality of our platform by obtaining the ISO 27001 certification. This internationally recognized standard showcases our commitment to…

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Twinbru - new partner on DMIx

Twinbru home textiles joins the DMIx ecosystem

We are delighted to welcome Twinbru to the DMIx ecosystem. As a leader in the home and interior textile industry, Twinbru is pioneering the way to a digital future. We are proud to partner with them to optimize their…

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Material Trends on DMIx eXcite inspiration hub

DMIx has expanded its eXcite inspiration hub with the introduction of material trendboards, showcasing the latest fabric and material trends for the Spring/Summer 2024 season. These trendboards are displayed using DMIx…

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Color can either make or break the success of a product

Did you know there is a fully digital process in available on DMIx that covers trending colors, digital twin product development and bulk production?! Relying on subjective color impressions can cause inconsistencies…

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