DMIx expert Kai Timpe is speaking at the PSI fair 2024

DMIx live at PSI 2024 – Promotional Products Industry Exhibition

Digital color and material management for promotional products. DMIx expert Kai Timpe is speaking at PSI 2024 - Increasing quality and efficiency in the promotional products industry with color accuracy This January,…

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Colors and DMIx - Brand Identity Post

🌈🌟 The Power of Color in Branding

Building Identity: The Power of Color in Branding Color is a key player in the branding arena. It’s not just about aesthetics; it's about identity, perception, and connection. At DMIx, we understand the critical role…

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Happy New Year 2024

Embracing the Future with Innovation and Collaboration

As we step into another promising year, we at DMIx are thrilled to share our enthusiasm and vision for the future. The journey we've embarked on together has been remarkable, and it's only getting better. Innovating…

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DMIx founders

Interview: DMIx Founders Illuminate Fashion’s Digital Future

Don't miss our latest interview featuring Gerd Willschütz (COO) and Olaf Kölling (CTO) of ColorDigital GmbH, direct from DMEXCO 2023. Hosted by Kenneth Shinabery of Düssel York City Studios, this insightful session…

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Colors and DMIx

🌈🌍Sustainability in Color Management

In today's world, sustainability is more than just a buzzword, it is a necessity. This also applies to the field of color management. At DMIx, we are experts in optimizing process steps that currently generate a lot of…

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Work with us!

We are hiring! Junior 3D Graphics Developer

ColorDigital is a young and dynamic software-as-a-service company in the fashion & lifestyle industry. Through the holistic ecosystem DMIx, renowned brands and suppliers can cover all relevant steps of a digital…

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Design by Harry Tribe for DPC Report

Redefining Digital Fashion: DMIx Making the Front Page!

Welcome to the future of fashion, where technology and creativity intersect to redefine the boundaries of design. We at DMIx are thrilled to share our latest project featured in The Interline's DPC Report 2023. In…

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DMIx Color Technology - metamerism

🌈Tackling the Challenge of Metamerism in Color Matching

Have you ever picked a fabric that looked perfect in the store but completely different at home? That's metamerism – a fascinating phenomenon where colors seem to change under different lighting conditions. It's a…

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Work with us!

We are hiring! Senior Java Developer

We are looking for a passionate Senior Java Developer to join our talented team. DMIx supports secured real-time collaborative data usage and interaction based on standardized digital colors, raw materials, products,…

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Color Perception

🌈 Exploring the Intricacies of Color Perception

A "Color and DMIx" series Did you know that the way we perceive color involves more than just our eyes? It's a fascinating interplay between light, the surrounding environment, and the unique way our brains process…

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