DMIx translates RAL COLOURS into digital space

ColorDigital GmbH, the visionary force behind the DMIx® ecosystem, announces its strategic collaboration with RAL COLOURS to digitize more than 2,500 globally recognized and standardized RAL physical colors.

The partnership allows for the precise colorimetric translation of RAL’s physical color samples into a digital color space, setting a new standard for accuracy and efficiency in digital design and planning processes across various industries.

We’re elated to be part of this industry-leading initiative with RAL COLOURS. While the RAL Digital Colour Libraries remain a unique offering from RAL, their digitization sets the groundwork for broader application and efficiency in digital design,” says Gerd Willschütz, COO and Co-Founder at ColorDigital GmbH.

Why This Partnership Matters

Precision and Authority
Our collaboration ensures that digital color values based on RAL’s authoritative colorimetric samples, are available in Lab and RGB formats.

RAL’s digital color libraries are compatible with widely-used software platforms, including Adobe Cloud, Corel, and Allplan, providing seamless integration and ease of use.

Advancing Digital Transformation
The combined efforts enhance the capabilities of the DMIx® ecosystem, setting a new standard for digital design and planning processes.

While RAL’s Digital Colour Libraries remain an exclusive offering, our partnership significantly broadens their application and utility.


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