Streamline your supply chain with DMIx MasterData Exchange:

  • Real-time data access and search
  • Impact prediction based on primary data
  • Rest-API integration with PLM
  • Real-time supplier intel
  • In-depth search functionalities
  • Easy data input tools
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Efficiency Upgrade

DMIx PaX is the first real-time meta platform that revolutionizes the way brands and suppliers interact based on data. It enables real-time access to highly needed intel coming straight from your connected suppliers on availability, prices, consumption, etc. These can be mirrored into your PLM solutions via Rest-APIs based on individual data schemes and mapping algorithms.

Real-time Transparency

With DMIx PaX, transparency on already paid left-overs or availability can be achieved and enables the highest flexibility and fast reactions to market requirements. PaX data schemes are also the backbone for the in-depth search functionalities covering various product groups in DMIx.

DMIx Screenshot
DMIx Screenshot

Streamline Your Search

In combination with the 3D or ColorLibrary, PaX enables designers and developers to search for specific items in regards of technical requirements. Based on DMIx Digital Twin technology, it results in the best possible digital recreation of materials, trims and accessories, eliminating the need for physical samples to a high degree. With various tools for data input, DMIx makes it easy for any user, team or company to take part in PaX.

DMIx Master-Data-Exchange

Main PaX Modules

DMIx ImpAct

A huge challenge for brands and suppliers is getting reliable and validated information of the ecological impact of materials and accessories, to meet regulations and customer demand.

Generating credible measurements requires specific data. With the DMIx PaX infrastructure and the 3D-Library we can deliver validated data, gathered across the tier chain, using a multiple source approach for data completion and transparency.

Gaining material impact information at an early stage in the design and sourcing process enables brands to design by impact – understanding the impact of their decisions and engage into sustainability goals and carbon budget management. Impact hot spots can be identified and suppliers can use the provision of the data as a competitive advantage, promoting their environmental efforts and benchmarking different blends and material sources.

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