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DMIx eXcite, the integrated source of inspiration for design teams, brands, and suppliers on the DMIx platform, is excited to release “Material Trends Autumn/Winter 24/25” in collaboration with the DMI Fashion Institute’s global network and an international textile advisory board. The new material trends are adding to the **Color Trendboards** for the same season. These invaluable inspirational resources are accessible and free to use for all DMIx users. 
Discover the Material and Color Trends:
SOLITAIRE: Darkness with a Twist
Darkness is intriguingly ambivalent. It reduces, it conceals, it suggests—it is mysteriously attractive and unexpected at the same time. In the game of conceal and reveal, the art of seduction arises again and again. The lustre and shimmer of dark leather, sequins, satin, and metalized lace reveal facets of intense colors and effects of contrasting materials from the alluring darkness. Feathery and long-haired fake furs turn fashion into a fetish. Perfect tailoring contours the opulence with couture austerity. With maximum effect, colors and materials form monochrome silhouettes that elevate clothing above everyday life. Elegance reflects the zeitgeist.
GIMME SHELTER: Poetry in Textiles
Gentle and bold, a different kind of beauty emerges here, beyond binary polarization. The spectrum of enchanting poetry unfolds in narrative patterns that irregularly weave through surfaces or embroider them with a shimmer. They evoke romance and decorative opulence—from past and future memories. A frosty shimmer makes surfaces appear fragile like ice flowers or tender fluff. Cool brightness crystallizes like a hint of hoarfrost on silk velvet. Icy pastels cover mineral tones with a mild coolness. Flowing shapes and volumes protectively envelop in layers of light and flexible materials.
COEXIST: Nature’s Palette
We are part of an all-pervasive, unbridled nature. Nature is our structural memory, its abundance our resource and inspiration—equal and open to everyone. It’s time to live the full range of her colors, even those that were previously considered masculine because they were classified as coarser, earthier, darker, more functional, in short, less feminine. Natural colors and structures unfold like lines of life. Their grades act like degrees of maturity. Their harmony develops tonally in deep, saturated, and weathered tones, whose familiar, homely appeal and functional beauty are now hijacked in a feminine way.
KEEP-ON PLAYING: The Art of Minimalism
In a time of sensory overload, order and reduction feel soothing. Cooling shades of grey calm the constant noise of the attention economy. As a neutral background, they help to focus on the essentials: on the excellent quality of the materials and on generous, constructivist forms. ‘Less and Better’ is not just about omissions but also about reevaluating. That also means redefining accents: in a neutral setting, impressive, intense colors create resonance. Their dose and their vitality stimulate and alienate the volume. Flashes of color tune hues loud and quiet at the same time and transform everyday things into something special.
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