DMIx Launching #gamechanger

LIVE LAUNCH EVENT – 26 June 2024

One Button! 100% Digital Twin Interaction! Easy, accessible, scalable! ‌Curious? ‌Visit us at PI Apparel in New York or register for one of the launch events ‌26th June 2024 Morning session 10:00 AM CET Afternoon…

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DMIx is lead sponsor of the PI Apparel 2024 in NYC

DMIx at PI Apparel New York: Leading the Future of Supply Chain Digitization

We are thrilled to announce that DMIx will be a lead sponsor at the PI Apparel Conference in New York on June 26th and 27th! As we gear up for this pivotal event, we are set to introduce groundbreaking innovations that…

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Events 2024 – Let’s meet

Ignite change in the fashion & apparel industry with DMIx Network and discuss with inspiring professionals. Make sure to meet with the DMIx team.

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Talents Wanted! A successful meeting of STEM talent and DMIx

We had an exciting day at meet@TH-Cologne, a jobfair held at the grounds of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, interacting with a remarkable group of STEM talent. This event provided a fantastic platform for…

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DMIx at iTechStyle Summit 2024 by CITEVE

DMIx live at iTechStyle Summit ’24

Pioneering the Future of Digital Product Creation We are excited to announce that our COO, Gerd Willschütz, will be representing DMIx at the ITECHSTYLE SUMMIT 2024 by CITEVE in Portugal. This summit gathers innovators,…

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DMIx at the 18th Textile ETP Annual Conference in Mechelen, Belgium

DMIx at the 18th Textile ETP Annual Conference in Mechelen, Belgium

Join DMIx by ColorDigital at the 18th Textile ETP Annual Conference in Mechelen, Belgium! We are proud to be at this industry leading event of the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing…

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Mapel SPA becomes part of the DMIx community

Collaboration Partner: Mapel SPA Partners with DMIx for Digital Transformation

The DMIx community keeps growing. We are pleased to announce a partnership with Mapel SPA, which started on May 1, 2024. Mapel SPA specializes in the production of knitted fabrics for the fashion industry, focusing on…

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DMIx and Industry Perfect - User Video

Use Case Video: Industry Perfect takes it Digital with DMIx

As an interior supplier for the fashion industry, our customer Industry Perfect GmbH, supplies its customers with pocket and body linings and waistbands. Their samples are available physically to touch and digitally via…

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DMIx and ARCHROMA collaborat

Collaboration Partner: ARCHROMA Colors available on the DMIx Platform

Archroma Supports ColorDigital's DMIx Platform to Elevate Color Management in Textile Production Cologne, Germany, 15 April 2024  – ColorDigital GmbH, the company behind DMIx, is proud to announce a pivotal…

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DMIx at Innovation Days 2024 - FitRetail

Discover DMIx 3D Fashion Technology at Innovation Days 2024

Hear us speak at the Innovation Days 2024 held on 6 June - dedicated to 3D & PLM technology in fashion, luxury and retail. Hosted by our long-standing partner Fit Retail, we are delighted to contribute in the area…

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Collaboration Partner: Integration Between PTC’s FlexPLM and DMIx

PTC® Pioneers Integration Between FlexPLM® and DMIx Platform DMIx is proud to announce the results of a pioneering collaboration: integration between the retail industry’s most widely used PLM platform, FlexPLM, and the…

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DMIx at the Performance Days in Munich – March 20-21

Join us at Performance Days in Munich! The DMIx team will be part of this leading event, where the latest in performance fabrics and innovations come to life. As industry pioneers in color development and 3D product…

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DMIx showcases at PI Apparel Europe

DSGN & DMIx presenting at the PI Apparel Europe 2024, Italy

Experience the evolution of digital fashion at PI Apparel Europe 2024 DMIx invites you to join a user-case presentation at PI Apparel Europe on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, at the Grand Hotel Dino in Baveno, Italy. Eugene…

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Rudholm Group joins the DMIx platform

Digital Excellence: DMIx Welcomes Rudholm Group

Digital Excellence: DMIx Welcomes Rudholm Group In an industry where digital transformation is imperative, DMIx is excited to welcome Rudholm Group to its collaborative digital ecosystem. As a global leader known for…

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DMIx eXcite - the inspriation hub

Fully digital: Fashion Color and Material Trends S/S 25 on DMIx eXcite

DMIx eXcite, the ultimate source of inspiration for DMIx users, unveils the Spring/Summer 2025 trends in Moods & Colors and Materials. For the Spring/Summer 25 season, immerse yourself in the transformative…

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Join Us at PI Apparel Europe 2024 – Transforming Fashion through Digitization

Getting Ready for PI Apparel Europe 2024 - Transforming fashion through digitization! We are pleased to announce our participation in PI Apparel Europe 2024, taking place against the stunning backdrop of Lake Maggiore…

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Gerd Willschütz Interview - The Interline 2024

The Interline Interview – Discussing DPC with Gerd Willschütz

Released in The Interline’s DPC Report 2023, this executive interview is one of a sixteen-part series that sees The Interline quiz executives from major DPC companies on the evolution of 3D and digital product creation…

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Color in fashion - DMIx is bridging the gap between aesthetic appeal and practicality

🌈 Color Strategy in Supply Chain Management

🌈 Color Strategy: A Key Player in Supply Chain Management Color selection is more than just a design choice; it's a strategic decision with ripple effects throughout the supply chain. At DMIx, we understand the…

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Carreman International joins the collaborative DMIx ecosystem

Carreman International – Welcome to the DMIx Ecosystem

Shaping the Future of Fashion: DMIx and Carreman International’s Digital Collaboration for Sustainable Innovation At a time when digital transformation is not just an option, but a necessity, DMIx proudly welcomes…

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Industry Perfect joins the DMIx ecosystem

🚀Industry Perfect – a new partner on DMIx

We are pleased to welcome Industry Perfect GmbH to the DMIx solution. With this partnership, Industry Perfect GmbH provides its customers with hyper-realistic digital product twins for uncomplicated use in digital…

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Colors and DMIx - Color Technology

🌈🚀 The Exciting World of Color Technology Innovations

The field of color technology is continuously evolving, and at DMIx, we're not only keeping pace, we're leading the way. Our commitment to innovation is changing the way industries approach their color management,…

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DMIx and AMANN go all ditgital

Digital Color Matching at AMANN GROUP

The future of color matching is digital! As longstanding partners, AMANN GROUP and ColorDigital GmbH, the company behind DMIx, are presenting collaborative workflows via the innovative DMIx collaboration platform which…

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DMIx Digital Color Technologies

🌈💻 Nuances of Color Management in Digital Media

In the digital realm, color management is a subtle art. As we shift from materials to pixels, ensuring color accuracy becomes a complex yet crucial task. At DMIx, we're at the forefront of tackling these digital color…

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DMIx expert Kai Timpe is speaking at the PSI fair 2024

DMIx live at PSI 2024 – Promotional Products Industry Exhibition

Digital color and material management for promotional products. DMIx expert Kai Timpe is speaking at PSI 2024 - Increasing quality and efficiency in the promotional products industry with color accuracy This January,…

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Colors and DMIx - Brand Identity Post

🌈🌟 The Power of Color in Branding

Building Identity: The Power of Color in Branding Color is a key player in the branding arena. It’s not just about aesthetics; it's about identity, perception, and connection. At DMIx, we understand the critical role…

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Happy New Year 2024

Embracing the Future with Innovation and Collaboration

As we step into another promising year, we at DMIx are thrilled to share our enthusiasm and vision for the future. The journey we've embarked on together has been remarkable, and it's only getting better. Innovating…

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DMIx founders

Interview: DMIx Founders Illuminate Fashion’s Digital Future

Don't miss our latest interview featuring Gerd Willschütz (COO) and Olaf Kölling (CTO) of ColorDigital GmbH, direct from DMEXCO 2023. Hosted by Kenneth Shinabery of Düssel York City Studios, this insightful session…

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Colors and DMIx

🌈🌍Sustainability in Color Management

In today's world, sustainability is more than just a buzzword, it is a necessity. This also applies to the field of color management. At DMIx, we are experts in optimizing process steps that currently generate a lot of…

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Work with us!

We are hiring! Junior 3D Graphics Developer

ColorDigital is a young and dynamic software-as-a-service company in the fashion & lifestyle industry. Through the holistic ecosystem DMIx, renowned brands and suppliers can cover all relevant steps of a digital…

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Design by Harry Tribe for DPC Report

Redefining Digital Fashion: DMIx Making the Front Page!

Welcome to the future of fashion, where technology and creativity intersect to redefine the boundaries of design. We at DMIx are thrilled to share our latest project featured in The Interline's DPC Report 2023. In…

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DMIx Color Technology - metamerism

🌈Tackling the Challenge of Metamerism in Color Matching

Have you ever picked a fabric that looked perfect in the store but completely different at home? That's metamerism – a fascinating phenomenon where colors seem to change under different lighting conditions. It's a…

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Work with us!

We are hiring! Senior Java Developer

We are looking for a passionate Senior Java Developer to join our talented team. DMIx supports secured real-time collaborative data usage and interaction based on standardized digital colors, raw materials, products,…

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Color Perception

🌈 Exploring the Intricacies of Color Perception

A "Color and DMIx" series Did you know that the way we perceive color involves more than just our eyes? It's a fascinating interplay between light, the surrounding environment, and the unique way our brains process…

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Sportswear Industry Insights – Colorful Impact

Sportswear in Focus Bright colors and a combination of different functional fabrics in a single item are found in many sportswear products. Delivering consistent retail color quality is essential for the brand value and…

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Transforming Fashion with Real-Time Data-Driven Solutions

In the quest for a more efficient, sustainable, and responsive fashion industry, there is an urgent need for a radical overhaul of fashion's value chain. So let's explore how to take on those new challenges - from…

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🌈’Colors & DMIx’ – Exploring the World of Colors

Introducing 'Colors & DMIx': A LinkedIn Series 🚀 Welcome to ‘Colors & DMIx',  where you’ll explore the vibrant world of colors and their impact across various industries. Following this series on LinkedIn…

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DMIx at PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum NYC

28-29 November – PI APPAREL Supply Chain Forum NYC

Join Us at PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum NYC – November 28-29, 2023 DMIx is excited to announce our participation in the upcoming PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum in New York City, taking place on November 28-29. We are…

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DMIx eXcite - the inspiration hub for all DMIx users

Material Trends Autumn/Winter 24/25 on DMIx eXcite

DMIx eXcite, the integrated source of inspiration for design teams, brands, and suppliers on the DMIx platform, is excited to release “Material Trends Autumn/Winter 24/25” in collaboration with the DMI Fashion…

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DMIx at ISPO Munich 2023

28-30 November – Join us at ISPO Munich 2023

We're thrilled to announce that DMIx will be participating in the leading international sports trade fair, ISPO Munich 2023. Come join us in the Future Lab / Digitize Hub located in Hall B1, Booth 403. Our team will be…

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DMIx at the Hugo Boss in-house material fair

Exciting Times Ahead

Last week, we were honored to be at our esteemed partner, HUGO BOSS, for their 3 day In-house material fair. Our main agenda? Discussing DMIx and the transformative pipeline it offers. Together with Stephanie J. we were…

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DMIx and partners at the DMEXCO

A Milestone for DIGITAL FASHION at DMEXCO 2023

What an exciting two days it's been at DMEXCO 2023! We are super happy to have been part of the first "𝗗𝗜𝗚𝗜𝗧𝗔𝗟 𝗙𝗔𝗦𝗛𝗜𝗢𝗡 - 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗣𝗵𝘆𝗴𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗹 𝗡𝗲𝘁𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗸" zone.  DIGITAL FASHION offers a forum to both the rapidly growing market for…

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DMIx and verce presenting at the DMEXCO 2023


A new star is born! Digital fashion has found a new venue in Cologne. Beginning this year, we are proud to be a part of the DIGITAL FASHION Event held in conjunction with the renowned DMEXCO digital marketing event from…

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DMIx translates RAL COLOURS into digital space

Colorimetric Translation – DMIx digitizes 2,500 RAL colors

ColorDigital GmbH, the visionary force behind the DMIx® ecosystem, announces its strategic collaboration with RAL COLOURS to digitize more than 2,500 globally recognized and standardized RAL physical colors. The…

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DMIx presenting at UNITEX Digital Textile Congress 2023, Belgium

DMIx at the 6th International Textile Congress 2023 (Belgium)

Driving the Phygital Way at 6th International Textile Congress 2023 DMIx is joining the 6th edition of the Digital Textile Congress 2023 in Ghent, Belgium, on September 28. Our expert Christian Lott, will be presenting…

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2023 White Paper Color in Sportswear Industries

White Paper: The Digital Color Revolution in the Sportswear Industry

The rapidly growing world of sportswear is at a crucial turning point. The industry is driven by consumers' increasing passion for fitness and the outdoors, and brands find themselves in the midst of a maze of…

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IGNITING CHANGE – Where Ideas Transform Reality

Save the Date September 20-21, 2023 At the heart of Cologne, a city already celebrated as a hub for digital gaming and marketing, we're about to embark on an exhilarating new journey. As Fashion Technology stands at the…

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DMIx Digital Color Technology

Transform how color and material data are managed, shared, and utilized

Step into the Future with DMIx Color Technology! Are you still grappling with inconsistent color representation in your fashion and textile business? Especially at NOS products, sourced in different countries?…

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DMIx drives digital transformation in Bangladesh

DMIx supports Digitalization in Bangladesh

Digital Transformation on the Rise! Our General Sales Manager, Kai Timpe recently led a highly productive strategy session at Square Textiles Ltd., Dhaka, with a strong focus on maximizing Digital Product Creation (DPC)…

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Bureau 555 joins DMIx Ecosystem

Bureau 555 joins as Official DMIx Partner

We're pleased to welcome Bureau 555 to our growing community of partners. With co-founders Nusrat Mahmud and Gabrielle Shiner-Hill at the helm, Bureau 555 brings a wealth of digital expertise and supply chain knowledge…

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DMIx meets BGMEA in Bangladesh

DHAKA, Bangladesh - DMIx by ColorDigital is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of a significant high-level meeting with the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) in Bangladesh.…

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DMIx presenting at Fachhochschule Hof - ITOW

International Textile Online Week – Fachhochschule Hof

Hof, 12.07.2023 - DMIx expert Christian Lott had the opportunity to talk online to students during the International Textile Online Week 2023 at the Hochschule Hof, University of Applied Sciences about the urgent need…

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DMIx at Style3D / Assyst Fashion Innovation Days

ASSYST + Style 3D Innovation Summit – July 11/12

DMIx is proud to be a partner in completing the Digital Product Creation (DPC) workflow at the Assyst + Style 3D event! As a pioneering force in establishing a robust ecosystem for 3D materials, we are delighted to…

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DMIx selected partner at the HUGO BOSS 3D USER SUMMIT

DMIx is actively participating in the HUGO BOSS 3D USER SUMMIT today - an exclusive event in Metzingen steering the course of digital fashion. We are privileged to be among the selected partners involved in this…

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DMIx at PI Apparel NYC 2023

Let’s meet – PI Apparel NYC 27-28 June

Discover the Future of Digital Product Creation in Fashion, Apparel, and Footwear Venture with us into the heart of the 'phygital' landscape where physical and digital realms merge, reshaping every facet of fashion. At…

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3D Creative Design Competition @itsclo3d

Calling all 3D fashion designers: It's CLO Virtual Fashion's 3D Creative Design Competition! At DMIx we are thrilled to be a part of this amazing event to support 3D fashion talent. With a grand prize of $7,000, it's…

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Datacolor ITMA 2023

DMIx is speaking at Datacolor’s event seminars

Datacolor - Hall 4 stand E204  Taking color values into a fully digital workflow? Absolutely! DMIx expert, Christian Lott, is thrilled to be one of the speakers at the Datacolor seminars during ITMA 2023. Join him as he…

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Moodboards, eXcite color trends

New color trends for Autumn/Winter 2024/2025

Experience the captivating world of Autumn/Winter 2024/2025 fashion color trends with the newly added eXcite Moods & Colors trendboards. As part of the DMIx inspiration hub for design teams, brands, and suppliers,…

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White Paper: Colorful Connections

📚 SPEED - EFFICIENCY - RETAIL COLOR ACCURACY Streamline your supply chain's quality, accelerate product development, and achieve unprecedented cost and resource efficiency - and by the bye, elevate your consumers' brand…

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DMIx - Fit Retail Innovation Days 2023

Fit Retail Innovation Days 2023 (French language)

Nous sommes ravis que notre collègue Marielle Ottavi, experte en développement de produits textiles chez DMIx, intervienne lors des Fit Retail Innovation Days 2023 à Paris le 23 mai. Marielle partagera comment…

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DMIx at PI APPAREL Supply Chain Forum in Amsterdam 30-31 May 2023

PI APPAREL Supply Chain Forum – Amsterdam, 30-31 May

🌟 Don't miss out on the opportunity view the future of fashion development at the PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum in Amsterdam on 30-31 May 2023! In today's fashion industry, striking the perfect balance between…

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Sympatex extends its partnership with DMIx

Sympatex and ColorDigital Collaborate to Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency with Digitalization DMIx® by ColorDigital GmbH, a leading provider of collaborative solutions for digitalization, is pleased to announce the…

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Hohenstein Thementag, DMIx, Chrisitan Lott

11. May 2023 – DMIx at the Hohenstein theme day

May 11, 2023 - DMIx will be presenting during the Hohenstein theme day "Go Digital - Tradition meets Future". (German language event) Christian Lott, Strategic Sales Director at ColorDigital GmbH will give you a…

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DMIx release 2-2023

New DMIx version 2.1.0

DMIx has released Update 2-2023, focused on enhancing quality and workflow efficiency in Digital Product Creation (DPC). The newest version of the DMIx App, version 2.1.0, includes powerful performance improvements,…

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DMIx nominated for the 2023 Webby Awards

DMIx is a Webby Award nominee!  We are thrilled to announce that DMIx by ColorDigital GmbH has been nominated for the Webby Awards 2023! We're honored to be recognized for our innovation and creativity in with our…

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DMIx is ISO 27001 certified

DMIx achieves ISO 27001 certification

With this step, we are underpinning our claim from day one to the highest possible quality of our platform by obtaining the ISO 27001 certification. This internationally recognized standard showcases our commitment to…

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Twinbru - new partner on DMIx

Twinbru home textiles joins the DMIx ecosystem

We are delighted to welcome Twinbru to the DMIx ecosystem. As a leader in the home and interior textile industry, Twinbru is pioneering the way to a digital future. We are proud to partner with them to optimize their…

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EIZO - DMIx webinar

EIZO x DMIx digital color webinar

Have you ever had trouble with color consistency in your digital product creation (DPC)? 👉 Register here Issues here can be frustrating and time-consuming, leading to delays and added costs. The truth is, color can be a…

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Material Trends on DMIx eXcite inspiration hub

DMIx has expanded its eXcite inspiration hub with the introduction of material trendboards, showcasing the latest fabric and material trends for the Spring/Summer 2024 season. These trendboards are displayed using DMIx…

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Join DMIx live at PI APPAREL EUROPE 2023

📣 Getting ready for the PI Apparel Europe 2023 in Milan 📣 DMIx is proud to be speaking at PI Apparel in Milan on April 3-4! Join us for a one-of-a-kind event where industry experts discuss practical solutions to genuine…

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Color can either make or break the success of a product

Did you know there is a fully digital process in available on DMIx that covers trending colors, digital twin product development and bulk production?! Relying on subjective color impressions can cause inconsistencies…

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IMPETUS Production facility Protugal

Digital transformation at IMPETUS Group

What is the true impact of going digital? Since beginning its digital transformation with DMIx®, IMPETUS Group shares improvements in efficiency and sustainability within its product development processes. Leading…

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DMIx live at PI APPAREL Los Angeles

Meet DMIx live at PI APPAREL Los Angeles 2023

At DMIx, we are getting ready for the PI Apparel in Los Angeles! We look forward to grow our network and discuss with fantastic people inspiring change in the apparel and footwear industry. Meet our team there from…

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Join us at the Virtual Textile Color Summit

Are you ready to get inspired by digital color workflows? Register now for the free Virtual Textile Color Summit hosted by Datacolor. Join Gerd Willschütz, COO and Co-Founder at DMIx by ColorDigital and Johnny Yang,…

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NEW virtual models add to an end-to-end workflow on DMIx

New photo-realistic virtual models enable end-to-end digital workflow on DMIx There has never been more momentum behind the call for sustainability in the fashion industry, and digitalization is one of the key…

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Launching DMIx eXcite – the new inspiration hub.

DMIx ecosystem now offers the latest trend information for color and material development DMIx eXcite, an inspiration hub for design teams, brands and suppliers, has been added to the DMIx ecosystem. eXcite launches…

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Alpine outdoor brand ORTOVOX opts for DMIx

We are delighted to welcome alpine outdoor safety equipment and functional apparel brand ORTOVOX, to the DMIx® environment. Protection in the mountains through innovative products, sharing of knowledge and the…

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ColorDigital GmbH joins ITMF as Corporate Member

ColorDigital GmbH - the company behind DMIx® - is delighted to join as a Corporate Member of the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), which brings together leading players from across the textile value…

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Südwolle Group joins DMIx ecosystem

Südwolle Group partners with DMIx

We’re pleased to be welcoming Suedwolle Group, leading spinner of pure wool yarns and wool blends, to the DMIx ecosystem! Südwolle Group is committed to working with transparent supply chains – one of the reasons we’re…

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DMIx expert Christian Lott joins Future Lab panel discussion @ISPO Munich

ISPO Munich – DMIx joins Future Lab panel discussion

DMIx is attending this week’s ISPO Munich. Our industry expert, Christian Lott, will be joining a panel discussion alongside Prof. Marte Hentschel and Steffen Meiler, discussing micro-moments as a growth model for the…

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What does DMIx actually do?

We are often asked this question. The answer is as simple as it is complex - because DMIx takes care of many things along the digital product development process -  from first ideas all the way to ecom ready, for…

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Martini partners with DMIx

Martini Sportswear joins the DMIx ecosystem

We’re excited to welcome Martini Sportswear to the DMIx ecosystem. Martini is passionate about the great outdoors. Using sustainable materials for their products is one of their top priorities. One of the reasons for…

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DMIx MatchBox

DMIx MatchBox – The digital route to Retail Color Accuracy

In the fashion and lifestyle industry, color is still the most important target. Bringing the designers' color concepts one-to-one into the store - it's possible!  …

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CLO 3D x DMIx webinar goes West!

Due to high demand, we are pleased to offer a second CLO x DMIx live webinar, aligned to Western time zones. Scaling digitalization in the fashion and lifestyle industry requires a lot of interaction between different…

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DMIx for functional fabrics

Performance Days – Tracking the material footprint

Will you be at the PerformanceDays Functional Fabric Fair in Munich this week? Meet our team - and talk to us about all things digital when it comes to functional, digital-ready fabrics and real-life colour management!…

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Calling out for the next generation textile designers

Last week DMIx co-founder Gerd Willschütz had the opportunity to speak online to students at the Hochschule Hof, University of Applied Sciences about digitalization in textile product development. It is this core theme…

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DMIx Release 3-2022

With the latest DMIx update, all DMIx users worldwide have access to many powerful new features that make work easier, faster and more efficient. Key features include the new DMIx ImpAct measurement feature, which…

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DMIx and Eco-Age team up for a better industy

Driving meaningful change requires collaboration. This is why we are excited to be working with Eco-Age to help us achieve our goal of transforming supplychains to create a better industry for brands, suppliers and the…

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DMIx at the IMTF Annual Conference in Davos, Switzerland

We are proud to announce that ColorDigital GmbH - the company behind DMIx® - was one of the 7 companies chosen to present at the ITMF - International Textile Manufacturers Federation's annual conference. Our COO, Gerd…

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Presenting with Chargeurs PCC at PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum NYC!

Chargeurs PCC, one of the world's largest manufacturers of interlinings for apparel, became a ColorDigital GmbH partner earlier in 2022, providing customers access to its digitized products through the DMIx ecosystem -…

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Work with us!

We are hiring! Software Developer 3D / Virtual Reality / (m/f/d)

Support our team and be a force driving digital transformation for our growing number of customers around the world. With a passion for agile working, you will apply your expertise to help turn our vision into reality.…

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DMIx partners with e.dye

DMIx partners with e.dye Waterless & Clean Color System

Two strong players in digital color management and ecological impact are partnering up and joining forces to transform the digital color market for a more sustainable future. ColorDigital GmbH, with its interactive…

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DMIx live at the PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum, 14 & 15 Sept

Together with interlining manufacturer Chargeurs PCC, DMIx will be presenting at the PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum 2022! PI Apparel’s Supply Chain Forum helps fashion executives reevaluate their supply chain strategy in…

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CLO 3D x DMIx webinar

Scaling digitalization in the fashion and lifestyle industry requires a lot of interaction between different teams or brands and their suppliers. For the most professional and overarching process possible, we have…

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Presenting at ITMF 2022

DMIx presenting at ITMF Annual Conference

We are very pleased to announce that ColorDigital GmbH has been invited to present DMIx at the Start-up sessions at the ITMF - International Textile Manufacturers Federation's annual conference September 18-20 2022! The…

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Holy Fashion Group


We are honored to being part of Holy Fashion Group's digitalization and sustainability journey aiming to reduce environmental impact and increase go-to-market speed. We are excited to announce that the HOLY FASHION…

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Impact measurement with DMIx ImpAct

DMIx ImpAct -powered by Made2Flow- is the smart digital product passport enabling brands to understand the true impact of their material decisions. ColorDigital GmbH, with its interactive collaboration platform DMIx, is…

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Digitales Design von funktionalen Textilien mittels Cloud-Computing

Die digitale Produktentwicklung in der Mode- und Lifestyle-Branche besteht schon lange nicht mehr aus der rein visuellen Darstellung von Materialien auf einem Bildschirm. Im Kontext digitaler Lieferketten, digitaler…

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DMIx Release 2-2022

In case you missed the live webinar on the new DMIx functions and features - please take the chance and watch the "DMIx Academy - DMIx Update 2-2022" tutorial hosted by our experts Gerd Willschütz and Sebastian…

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New DMIx Release 2-2022 Alert!

Today we released DMIx version 2.0.4 with a number of useful features that will make your daily work faster, easier and more fun! Experience the all-new print feature in 3D Magic that allows you to digitally transfer…

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Catch the wave and join us at texprocess

From 21st to 24th June in Frankfurt on the Epson Deutschland GmbH booth in Hall 8, C41 Experience digital color development from first ideas to print production approval, 3D development workflows and real time master…

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Discover the next level of supply chain interaction

Discover the next level of supply chain interaction based on the unique DMIx Digital-Twin technology. Meet DMIx co-founder Gerd Willschütz and Max Handke to discuss about various DMIx modules related to digital color…

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Fit Retail assigned as official trainer for DMIx by ColorDigital

ColorDigital has signed a partnership with Fit Retail as an official trainer implementing ColorDigital’s DMIx Platform with brands and suppliers in the fashion and lifestyle industries. Getting the most out of a fully…

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