DMIx at PI Apparel NYC 2023

Discover the Future of Digital Product Creation in Fashion, Apparel, and Footwear

Venture with us into the heart of the ‘phygital’ landscape where physical and digital realms merge, reshaping every facet of fashion. At PI Apparel New York, we’ll focus on the revolution in color development, bulk material production, and process efficiency that phygital techniques are fostering.

Discover how this cutting-edge approach, underpinned by transparency, is making waves in digital product creation, yielding exceptional marketing and retail outcomes. It’s not just about changing how we work, but transforming the very fabric of the fashion industry.

Our Expert Presenters:

  • Gerd Willschütz: Co-founder of DMIx and a visionary leader in digital innovation.
  • Grif von Holst: DMIx’s representative for North America and a seasoned industry expert.

Live on stage: “The Impact of Phygital Transformation on DPC and Material Production”
Join Gerd Willschütz and Grif von Holst on June 27th at 3 pm for an engaging session exploring the dynamic intersection of physical and digital realms in fashion. Gain valuable insights into how the phygital revolution is reshaping the way we create and produce materials.

Drop by – say Hi!
Stop by our booth to experience the transformative power of DMIx firsthand. Discover how our integrated platform streamlines product development processes, accelerates time-to-market, and unleashes your brand’s creative potential. Engage with our experts, explore our solutions, and learn how DMIx can elevate your business to new heights.

Ready to lead in the phygital age? Join us on this journey to the future of fashion. Together, we’ll shape the industry and navigate the ever-evolving ‘phygital’ landscape. Be part of the transformation at PI Apparel New York.

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