DMIx 3D Magic Scan + Postproduction & Physics

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Capturing materials with accuracy

Based on a color managed scan process we generate a texture that is ready for the 3D CAD workflow.

Once you bought a scan and we received the article our team will do anything to deliver the results as soon as possible via our DMIx Cloud solution. Not only back to you, but also directly to participating brands.

Results are universal and compatible with basically every 3D software. For some solutions we have built a direct connection to transfer material and behaviour data with a single klick.

In addition we will measure the physical behavior data based on bending, elongation, weight and thickness.


  • We need 50cm x 50cm of the material and the weaving edge must be visible or marked
  • Please make sure we receive samples that have no damages or sharp bends - this will delay the process!
  • Additional maps will be artificialy generated under visual control of an operator
  • Please upload a company logo in the ordering process (.png with transparent background)

Next Step:

Send your material with a copy of the invoice you receive via e-mail once you finished the payment process.

The Adress is: ColorDigital GmbH, ScanService, Im Zollhafen 24, 50678 Köln, Deutschland


The resulting files will be delivered via our cloud system the DMIx Cloud. You will receive a Username & Password once we finished production.

Please be aware that we work on a "first come - first served" basis. If a material delivers insufficient results we will contact you and discuss how to proceeed or refund your order.

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