Fabric Simulation to Texture + Postproduction

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Allready useing fabric simulation like Penelope?

We will process the result of your simulation (Image file) and generate artificial texture maps.


  • The file needs to be in 300dpi resolution and 10 by 10cm of size. (1200px x 1200px @300dpi)
  • The file needs to be repeatable
  • Original and Digital Twin must be 100% identical in regards of size, proportion and repeat.
  • Because we dont have a visual reference you are responsible that the file is color correct.
  • Please upload a company logo in the ordering process (.png with transparent background)
  • Next Step:

    Send your images with a copy of the invoice you receive via e-mail once you finished the payment process.

    The Adress is: scanservice@colordigital.com


    The resulting files will be delivered via our cloud system the DMIx Cloud. You will receive a Username & Password once we finished production.

    Please be aware that we work on a "first come - first served" basis. If a material delivers insufficient results we will contact you and discuss how to proceeed or refund your order.

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