We are often asked this question. The answer is as simple as it is complex – because DMIx takes care of many things along the digital product development process –  from first ideas all the way to ecom ready, for suppliers and a brand. In the following, we try to give a brief overview of what we actually offer:

  • DMIx offers a cloud-based environment where seamless digital interaction between brands and suppliers in the fashion and lifestyle industry can take place in a secure way.
  • DMIx customers work with the highest quality of digitized colors and materials, making the most of digital twin technology, efficient workflows and real-time master data.
  • Through collaboration between suppliers, brands, teams and software applications – entire collections can be created digitally without the need to produce a large number of lap dips, samples or prototypes. Even sensitive color approval is supported by digital color standards.
  • The interfaces to other software applications are designed in such a way that relevant material data, including physical material values, color approvals and designs, are retained even for the finished product. All of this is done in real time, audit-proof, quickly and sustainably, significantly reducing the company’s environmental footprint.

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