Sportswear in Focus

Bright colors and a combination of different functional fabrics in a single item are found in many sportswear products. Delivering consistent retail color quality is essential for the brand value and customer satisfaction in the sportswear industry.

‌That’s exactly where DMIx comes in: Our technology enhances color communication across various manufacturing levels, a significant benefit for Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers to match color standards required from the brands.

‌🎨 Unified Color Language
Facilitate a cohesive approach to color communication with DMIx color technology, reducing errors related to color expectations and maintaining uniform quality – a critical requirement in the competitive sportswear market.

‌👕 Real-World Impact
A product manager from a leading sportswear brand shared their experience: “Introducing DMIx digital color technology was a pivotal moment for us. It enabled precise communication of color specifications across our supply chain, minimizing color-related discrepancies and streamlining our color processes. This not only helped uphold our high retail standards but also mitigated unnecessary costs and delays.”

‌🌍 Global Quality Improvement
DMIx technology aids in refining color communication, diminishing color-related issues, and ensuring more effective use of resources. Key for enhancing retail quality in the sportswear industry.

DMIx in Practice
‌For a deeper understanding of the DMIx solution in practice and insightful white papers, visit our new Knowledge Hub