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  • Cost reduction in HR, logistics, and sourcing
  • Faster response times and go-to-market speed
  • Significantly fewer claims
  • Transparency about participants in all tier stages
  • Higher flexibility in choice of suppliers
  • Fast integration in existing IT infrastructure
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Colorimetric Standards

Color is the foundation of our technology: DMIx enables the evaluation of all aspects of colors based on spectral measurements for industrial production or visual, screen-based design tasks.

Digital Color Workflow

Our focus is the full development cycle, from creating a digital color standard to quality control on bulk production. Benefits include cost and time savings, improved quality and sustainability. Simultaneously, support for classic color workflows in the digital product development process are supported either via direct (API based) connection or standardized exchange formats from Adobe®, Corel®, or similar applications.

DMIx Screenshot
DMIx Screenshot

Color Library

The DMIx ColorLibrary allows direct cross-referencing on the highest technical level. Standards can be matched with existing supplier colors without imprecise visual sampling. The library is connected to the DMIx MoodBoard and the product development module DMIx CoopR – two innovative tools to communicate, share, and develop your creative visions into real live products.

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DMIx 3D Technology

Main Color Modules

DMIx MeaSure

DMIx MeaSure software is a tool based on classic colorimetric principles that connects with all major measurement devices used in color and quality labs all over the world.

With MeaSure colors can be measured, digitized, and analyzed for all common requirements in the printing, textile, fashion & lifestyle related industries. DMIx MeaSure supports 8°, 45/0° and multispectral measurements and all standard color formats are supported. (QTX, CxF, etc.)

Spectral curves of colors can be plotted, viewed in classical LAB dimensions, and can be reproduced on screen in the highest possible quality based on DMIx Digital Twin technology and color management.

DMIx ColorLibrary

The DMIx ColorLibrary is an innovative way to manage all your spectral color standards and provides access to color libraries of your suppliers to find matching articles or production colors.

The library supports and classifies classical 8° and 45/0° color measurements as well as multispectral recordings. As a partner of Pantone® we can give you access to all relevant Pantone® decks in the highest possible quality in both 8- and 45/0-degree workflows. Furthermore, our clients are working with most color standards used in the industry today based on individual license agreements.

Colors can be exported in nearly every format used in the industry today, for industrial production or computer-based design in 2D and 3D. Adobe® color library formats are fully supported.

DMIx MatchBox

MatchBox is a module supporting the full workflow for digital-based color development in dyeing and printing. The system manages, commissions, and automatically analyzes the full process of lab-dipping and hard proofing based on individual, defined values inside agreed industry standards.

Because of the unique one-to-one communication, it creates transparency and measures performance while mapping all tier stages involved. Various reports can be generated directly from the system. With MatchBox and BulkControl in combination, brands can reach the highest color accuracy for retail, even in complex, multiple supplier-based workflows like NOS products.

DMIx BulkControl

Bulk quality becomes instantly transparent and enables decisioning while the material is still at its origin. This saves valuable time and cost, ensuring merchandise flow and minimalizing availability breakdowns. MatchBox and BulkControl are already used at hundreds of dyeing mills and printers all over the world and require only a minimum of effort to be installed and operated.


„Due to the high digital colour standards and photorealistic looks, our clients trust the digital twin and approve the sample. This process saves us a lot of time, costs, and resources.“

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