DMIx at iTechStyle Summit 2024 by CITEVE

Pioneering the Future of Digital Product Creation

We are excited to announce that our COO, Gerd Willschütz, will be representing DMIx at the ITECHSTYLE SUMMIT 2024 by CITEVE in Portugal. This summit gathers innovators, technology experts, and key drivers of digitalization to support the fashion and lifestyle industry’s shift towards sustainability and efficiency.

The ITECHSTYLE SUMMIT is a crucial event for the European textile ecosystem, bringing together industry leaders to discuss new technologies that will shape the future of the sector. Gerd Willschütz will discuss the role of Digital Product Creation in promoting sustainable practices and improving efficiency.

“With so much momentum driving digital transformation, now is the time for suppliers and brands to implement digital product development,” says Willschütz. “These technologies are essential for creating more sustainable and efficient processes.”

At DMIx, we are dedicated to leading this digital revolution. Our participation in the summit highlights our commitment to driving industry-wide change and supporting brands and suppliers in embracing digitalization.