ColorDigital has signed a partnership with Fit Retail as an official trainer implementing ColorDigital’s DMIx Platform with brands and suppliers in the fashion and lifestyle industries.

Getting the most out of a fully digital value chain process depends on a well thought-through strategy, professional implementation and, critically, well-trained users. With this partnership, Fit Retail will be training brands and suppliers around the world on the DMIx solution, supporting businesses in their transformation from physical to virtual collection development.

The DMIx tool enables brands to exchange designs, color measurements and material data digitally in real-time with their suppliers, helping to facilitate the digital flow between brands and their manufacturers.

“We were looking for an experienced industry partner to support the implementation of DMIx in our customers’ existing or new processes and their individual digital environments. Fit Retail – with their expertise in digital transformation throughout the product life cycle in the retail, fashion and luxury sector – was a perfect fit for us,” says Gerd Willschütz, COO at ColorDigital.

„Moving from physical to virtual collection development requires a structured approach,” says Alexandra Buor, Design Business Unit Director at Fit Retail. “DMIx is offering the optimal platform connecting teams and suppliers alike.“

The Digital Twin technology used within DMIx offers the ability to reproduce colors and textures as close to reality as possible, enabling brands to validate models without the vast number of samples and prototypes traditionally used, thus reducing development costs and time-to-market whilst improving the environmental footprint.

The partnership with Fit Retail was agreed in January 2022, and the very first customers will now benefit from this service.

About Fit Retail

Fit Retail is a consulting firm, expert in the digital transformation. We intervene product lifecycle management and on architecture of information systems. In order to offer a quality service, we only focus on Retail, Fashion & Luxury sectors.

Our ambition: to put innovation at the service of the business challenges and to free the creativity of teams. Based in France and Germany, Fit Retail accompanies
international customers on all their digital and product development strategies: assistance in choosing digital solutions, PLM implementation, support in 3D implementation, redesign of business processes…

Our DNA is based on our values: expertise, cohesion, conviviality and openness, and we wish to share them both internally and externally.