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Experience the captivating world of Autumn/Winter 2024/2025 fashion color trends with the newly added eXcite Moods & Colors trendboards. As part of the DMIx inspiration hub for design teams, brands, and suppliers, these trendboards showcase four distinctive themes that capture the essence of the season and offer endless possibilities for creative expression. These trends were identified in close collaboration with fashion experts of the DMI Fashion Institute’s global network and an international textile industry advisory board.

The interactive DMIx eXcite moodboards are showcasing early upcoming trend colors which can be used as a reference across the entire DMIx ecosystem as well as standard industry applications and design software.

Step into a realm of objective thinking and innovative material sensations. In these ambiguous times, embracing a new era of enlightenment is essential to navigate the complexities of our connected culture and digital progress. Allow the joy of emotional objectivity to unfold as dark, sober tones merge with emotional pink-violas. Abstract objectivity becomes the foundation for future classics, inviting exploration of new forms and translating the artificial virtual into real-life experiences. Prepare to be captivated by the allure of radiant darkness, decadence, lacquer, shine, and frugal couture.

Embrace intuition and the principles of sharing and caring. Design and communicate beyond gender stereotypes, celebrating the beauty of vulnerability and strength. Experience the interplay of strongly textured surfaces with organic volumes and fluid shapes, against a palette of frozen neutrals, colorized neutrals, and delicate tones. Allow poetry, sobriety, and emotional security to inspire your creations. Discover the security of gentle neutrals, the strength of sensitive neutrals, and the transformative power of cool fresco colors.

Embrace the complexity and interconnectedness of nature. Explore organic material innovations as models for new developments. With optimistic frugality, delve into the changeable intensity of natural pigment colors, maturing wood, and vegetal nuances. Immerse yourself in a vibrant red-green polarization, symbolizing balance and harmony with the earth’s ecosystem. Experience the longing for saturated quality, the grounded sensation of colors, and the evolution of natural radiance. Allow yourself to become one with nature, creating a harmonious and balanced color scape.

Unleash your imagination and escape the confines of everyday life. Explore the interplay of loud and quiet, high energy, and serious fun. Let intensive color impulses ignite your creativity, propelling you into uncharted material worlds. Embrace digital techniques and let your designs take on unknown forms, complex patterns, and integrative designs. With lightheartedness, reimagine practical functionality, override patterns, and create a dynamic rhythm of cool neutrals and radical intense tones. Let color flashes activate, alienate, and tune your color schemes, combining bold highlights and calming greys.

Discover the eXcite Moods & Colors Trendboard for Autumn/Winter 2024/2025 and unlock a world of inspiration, creativity, and self-expression. Let these themes guide your journey and infuse your designs with the essence of the season. Step into the future of fashion with DMIx eXcite and explore the endless possibilities that await. DMIx eXcite is available for all DMIx users.

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