DMIx for functional fabrics

Will you be at the PerformanceDays Functional Fabric Fair in Munich this week? Meet our team – and talk to us about all things digital when it comes to functional, digital-ready fabrics and real-life colour management!

We have been counting well-known sports and outdoor apparel brands among our DMIx customers since 2018. With environmental sustainability and product transparency becoming increasingly important in the sportswear industry, DMIx also provides a unique platform for product information, including sustainability data such as the carbon footprint.

Through all stages of product development to the finished garment, DMIx provides unique tools for design and collaboration. This enables brands and suppliers alike to make real-time decisions based on the environmental impact of a material, ultimately helping them to reduce their environmental footprint while increasing efficiency.

We look forward to visiting Performance Days and exploring the latest innovations in the sportswear industry. Contact us for a meeting to learn more about what DMIx can do for you.