DMIx at PI APPAREL Supply Chain Forum in Amsterdam 30-31 May 2023

🌟 Don’t miss out on the opportunity view the future of fashion development at the PI Apparel Supply Chain Forum in Amsterdam on 30-31 May 2023!

In today’s fashion industry, striking the perfect balance between sustainability, profitability, and efficiency in the supply chain is key. At ColorDigital, the company behind DMIx, we are passionate about enabling this delicate equilibrium. Our digital ecosystem facilitates collaboration, helps our customers reduce waste, and enhances product transparency—all while maintaining profitability.

The DMIx team will showcase the groundbreaking ecosystem designed to revolutionize the way brands, suppliers, and consumers interact with the fashion world. From digital materials to hyper-realistic 3D models, our offerings enable seamless collaboration, drive sustainability, and foster innovation throughout the entire supply chain.

As a brand, you can leverage real-time exchanges with suppliers, effectively manage stocks, and make informed decisions using comprehensive master data. The result? A faster and more efficient supply chain, reduced overproduction, and a smaller environmental footprint.

Whether you’re a brand seeking to digitize your supply chain, a supplier aiming to standardize digital exchange we would love to connect with you at the PI event. Come visit our stand to discover how DMIx can help your brand achieve sustainability, profitability, and efficiency in perfect balance.

Let’s reshape the future of fashion together. See you in Amsterdam!