Design by Harry Tribe for DPC Report

Welcome to the future of fashion, where technology and creativity intersect to redefine the boundaries of design. We at DMIx are thrilled to share our latest project featured in The Interline’s DPC Report 2023. In collaboration with the visionary 3D artist Harry Tribe and our partners at verce, we present a collection that exemplifies the pinnacle of digital fashion design and serve as the title image of the report.

Harry Tribe’s Creative Process

Harry Tribe, known for his groundbreaking work in digital fashion, takes us on his unique journey of creation. “My approach to design begins with a vision,” explains Harry. “Rather than starting with mood boards, I envision the final product and work backwards, researching themes that will elevate the design. This process leads me straight into CLO3D, where ideas rapidly transform into realistic garments. It’s a digital playground where imagination meets precision.”

The DMIx Difference

Gerd Willschütz, CEO of DMIx, about the significance of this collaboration: “At DMIx, we empower designers with tools that extend beyond traditional boundaries. Our collaboration with Harry Tribe showcases the extraordinary capabilities of our 3D Studio and cloud render pipeline, demonstrating how photo-realistic renders can bring digital designs to life. It’s a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry.”

The Art of Digital Transformation

The project with Harry Tribe highlights the seamless integration of DMIx’s platform with CLO3D and the hyper-realistic virtual models from verce. Harry’s designs transitioned effortlessly from concept to stunning photo-realistic renderings, showcasing the potential of digital fashion. “This project was a breakthrough in my digital fashion journey,” says Harry. “The realism achieved with DMIx’s rendering technology has opened new doors for what’s possible in digital fashion.”



This collaboration marks a beginning of a new era in digital fashion design. The blend of Harry Tribe’s artistic vision with DMIx’s technological prowess represents a leap forward in digital product creation. Join us in exploring this remarkable fusion of art and technology. Discover the full range of possibilities that DMIx offers to designers and brands, as we continue to push the frontiers of digital fashion.

The partnership between DMIx, Harry Tribe and verce is an innovative example for 3D fashion artists and illustrates the power of digital technologies in transforming creative ideas. We invite you to be part of this exciting journey where we will redefine the landscape of digital fashion design. Stay tuned for more.

The Interline – DPC Report 2023

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