Sympatex and ColorDigital Collaborate to Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency with Digitalization

DMIx® by ColorDigital GmbH, a leading provider of collaborative solutions for digitalization, is pleased to announce the expansion of its partnership with Sympatex®, the inventor of a highly functional yet fully recyclable membrane. This strategic collaboration aims to optimize supply chain workflows through digitalization, enabling Sympatex to streamline its operations and enhance efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.
DMIx offers a collaborative solution that significantly improves operational efficiencies and helps to reduce the environmental footprint within the product creation process. By leveraging digitalization, the partnership seeks to minimize the production and transportation of physical material samples, resulting in reduced waste, lower CO2 emissions.

Kim Scholze, CSMO at Sympatex, emphasizes the importance of value chain optimization: “At Sympatex, we value progress and innovation in our partnerships. Our collaboration with ColorDigital began last year in the realm of digital color management and quality, and we have now decided to extend this partnership to leverage the full potential of DMIx. Together, we are implementing digital, future-oriented measures and processes that streamline our supply chain, leading to savings across all levels, from product development and process flows to delivery routes.”

Scholze further adds, “Starting in the summer of 2023, we will introduce parallel true cost calculations for every product, automatically displayed on delivery bills and invoices. This, coupled with the DMIx tools, represents a transparent and responsible approach to business management, optimizing our partnership-based value chain.”

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Sympatex and embark on this digital journey together,” expresses Gerd Willschütz, COO and co-founder of ColorDigital GmbH. “Sympatex has set ambitious goals, including the realization of fully virtual material creation in collaboration with brand partners, as well as integrated access to leading color sources and trends. As the industry evolves toward comprehensive 3D digital product and collection development, the seamless connection of digital products with comprehensive product and material data will play a key role.”

DMIx software-as-a-service solutions include scientific color management, 3D and digital twin technology, human avatars and real-time master data solutions. Through connectivity with key design and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems, these advancements help save time, reduce costs and minimize the environmental footprint of product development. Sympatex has implemented workflows with digital color standards and spectral color measurements, and will add photorealistic textures to drive the transition from physical to digital product development processes.
By effectively managing lab dip processes and mass production to meet the digital color standards, claims will become a thing of the past.

Gerd emphasizes the critical role of color accuracy throughout the phygital supply chain: “Ensuring color accuracy is crucial for brands like Sympatex to deliver consistent, high-quality products. DMIx’s end-to-end solution integrates Color Technology and Digital Twin Technology, providing a single source of truth for color, size, and appearance. By combining the best aspects of the physical and digital worlds, DMIx accelerates product development cycles, brings products to market faster, and minimizes environmental impact.” Download press release pdf

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