DMIx Digital Color Technology

Step into the Future with DMIx Color Technology!

Are you still grappling with inconsistent color representation in your fashion and textile business? Especially at NOS products, sourced in different countries? Frustrated with a high percentage of claims? Seeking to enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty? Then you are on the right post!

DMIx offers a pioneering solution – a complete ecosystem designed to transform how color and material data are managed, shared, and utilized in the industry. It’s not just a technology, it’s a digital revolution!

This color technology ensures precise color reproduction, promoting sustainability by reducing waste and enhancing efficiency. It brings together a common language for color and material representation across your entire supply chain, from design concept to finished product.

Embracing DMIx Color Technology means stepping into a ‘phygital’ era – a blend of digital and physical production processes. It uniquely serves Digital Product Creation (DPC) and physical production, ensuring color accuracy and material consistency, both virtually and in reality.

Moreover, the DMIx ecosystem has broad potential – from color management to 3D design, material data management, digital human technology, and even to environmental impact measurement through the DMIx ImpAct module powered by Made2Flow

Don’t get left behind in the color game. DMIx Color Technology is here to redefine the standards of color and material management in the fashion and textile industry. Start your journey with DMIx today and contribute to a more sustainable, efficient, and colorful future!

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