Navigating Digital Color in the Sportswear Industry

In the rapidly evolving sportswear industry, the convergence of consumer demand, sustainability, and technological innovation is reshaping the landscape. Alongside quality and brand identity, two critical success factors stand out: colors that captivate and innovative approaches.

This free White Paper will give insights on the following:

  • Digital color standards
  • Save on physical samples
  • Digital color and material processes
  • Worldwide manufacturing units
  • Accurate and reproducible colors
  • Bulk-production control
  • Efficiency and speed

Download this free white paper to learn how digital solutions boost color quality for sportswear manufacturers and supply chains – while at the same improving the environmental footprint saving on samples by taking the color approval workflow digital.

    Are you collecting data on these key KPIs?
    • Number of color approvals per year
    • Number of color approval rounds per item
    • Average color approval time (days)
    • Number of claims
    • Total cost of sampling

    If you hold this information, let’s discuss how much you can save.

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    DMIx White Paper - Sportswear