2023 White Paper Color in Sportswear Industries
The rapidly growing world of sportswear is at a crucial turning point. The industry is driven by consumers’ increasing passion for fitness and the outdoors, and brands find themselves in the midst of a maze of challenges. Unique product designs, complex global supply chains, transparent product information and an increased call for sustainable solutions are some of the defining contours of this landscape.
Central to these challenges is the need for color management to ensure brand recognition, quality and customer satisfaction. When juggling different high-performance materials in various production facilities around the world, maintaining a consistent color tone is paramount. Coupled with the increasing demand for sustainable processes, the importance of effective color management becomes even greater.
Our latest white paper is an insightful look into this dynamic area. It not only highlights the complex challenges facing the sportswear industry, but also sheds light on the transformative potential of digital color technology. By examining its impact on aspects such as efficiency, production speed, sustainability and product quality, we present a compelling vision of the future – one that is shaped and driven by DMIx.
Are you ready to dive into the colors of the future? Discover the digital color revolution in sportswear with this insightful report.

This free White Paper will give insights on the following:

  • Digital color standards
  • Save on physical samples
  • Digital color and material processes
  • Worldwide manufacturing units
  • Accurate and reproducible colors
  • Bulk-production control
  • Efficiency and speed

Download this free white paper to learn how digital solutions boost color quality for sportswear manufacturers and supply chains – while at the same improving the environmental footprint saving on samples by taking the color approval workflow digital.