Carreman International joins the collaborative DMIx ecosystem

Shaping the Future of Fashion: DMIx and Carreman International’s Digital Collaboration for Sustainable Innovation

At a time when digital transformation is not just an option, but a necessity, DMIx proudly welcomes Carreman International, a leader in fabric innovation and sustainability, to its collaborative digital platform. Their range of textile products embodies elegance, durability, and technical sophistication, marking a significant step towards a more efficient, transparent, and environmentally conscious fashion industry.

DMIx and Carreman International: Paving the Way for Digital Excellence

Carreman has recognized the central role of digital integration in contemporary fashion and has embraced the full range of DMIx solutions. This partnership enables them to engage in seamless collaboration with fashion brands and their own suppliers, ensuring collaborative, transparent processes that meet the dynamic demands of global fashion customers.

New Work on Collections with Digital Twins

A cornerstone of this partnership is Carreman International will be able to offer hyper-realistic digital product twins that transform the ways of working between Carreman and their customers’ design and color teams. The digital approach enables designers and product managers to integrate digital fabric, including product and material data, into 3D designs, fostering digital product development and accelerating the design process.

Sustainability and Efficiency: A Double Win

For Carreman International, a major company with a mission towards sustainability, this digital journey with DMIx is an accelerator for its efforts. For its brand customers, it presents an opportunity to make informed material choices that help them better achieve their environmental goals at the material selection stage.