DMIx release 2-2023

DMIx has released Update 2-2023, focused on enhancing quality and workflow efficiency in Digital Product Creation (DPC). The newest version of the DMIx App, version 2.1.0, includes powerful performance improvements, like easy multi-selection drag & drop.

DMIx CoopR has received significant updates in the latest DMIx update, including newly added color quality criteria for greater color accuracy and a new “embroidery” workflow that provides material-specific quality criteria. Additionally, the DMIx features 3D-Magic, MatchBox, and BulkControl have also received improvements to enhance user experience and streamline workflows.

Extended quality control functionalities in DMIx version 2.1.0 will support users achieve the best possible results while reducing physical waste in the product creation process. DMIx is constantly innovating to efficiently monitor and control quality, resulting in better outcomes and more streamlined workflows.