DMIx 3D Physics

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Capturing materials with accuracy

We will measure the physical behavior data based on bending, elongation, weight and thickness.


  • We need 50cm x 50cm of the material and the weaving edge must be visible or marked
  • Please make sure we receive samples that have no damages or sharp bends - this will delay the process!

Next Step:

Send your material with a copy of the invoice you receive via e-mail once you finished the payment process.

The Adress is: ColorDigital GmbH, ScanService, Im Zollhafen 24, 50678 Köln, Deutschland


The resulting files will be delivered via our cloud system the DMIx Cloud. You will receive a Username & Password once we finished production.

Please be aware that we work on a "first come - first served" basis. If a material delivers insufficient results we will contact you and discuss how to proceeed or refund your order.

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