Navigating the Future of European Premium Tailoring

Leveraging DMIx® and the Ecosystem of Suppliers

This white paper provides a detailed examination of the challenges currently facing Premium Tailoring Brands (PTBs). Faced with declining sales and changing consumer tastes, the industry needs new strategies. The paper incorporates the concept of digital ecosystems into the study, combining physical and digital elements to improve industry efficiency and environmental impact.

This White Paper gives insights on the following:

  • Examining the current challenges facing PTBs.
  • Exploring how digital ecosystems help address these challenges
  • Highlighting the role of digital patterns and real-time data
  • Understanding the potential of 3D visualization tools in product development
  • Objectives of improved supply chain collaboration
  • Transparency and sustainability in the industry

To gain a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics that currently exist in premium bespoke tailoring, please download the full whitepaper. We wish you an inspiring read.

Image: © Gregor Hayes / Unsplash

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