Rudholm Group joins the DMIx platform

Digital Excellence: DMIx Welcomes Rudholm Group

In an industry where digital transformation is imperative, DMIx is excited to welcome Rudholm Group to its collaborative digital ecosystem. As a global leader known for its innovative garment accessories and commitment to sustainable practices, Rudholm Group’s integration with DMIx represents a significant leap towards a more efficient, transparent, and sustainable textile industry.

Rudholm Group and DMIx: Crafting the Future of Digital Synergy

Rudholm Group acknowledges the pivotal role of digital integration in advancing the textile sector. Through embracing DMIx’s comprehensive digital solutions, Rudholm Group embarks on a path of seamless digital collaboration with both their customers and suppliers. This partnership is set to enhance collaborative processes, ensuring a transparent and efficient workflow that aligns with the dynamic needs of the global textile market.

Innovative Collaboration: Pioneering Digital Product Development

At the heart of this partnership lies Rudholm Group’s commitment to adopting digital advancements in product development. By leveraging DMIx’s platform, Rudholm Group aims to optimize its color matching processes and digital product development, facilitating closer collaboration with stakeholders. This digital-first approach not only streamlines the production process but also sets new standards for precision and quality in the textile industry.

Sustainability and Efficiency: Bridging the Gap

For Rudholm Group, sustainability is not just a goal but a guiding principle. Partnering with DMIx accelerates Rudholm’s sustainability endeavors, offering their customers the tools to make more informed decisions regarding materials and processes. This collaboration empowers brands to achieve their environmental objectives from the material selection phase, marrying efficiency with ecological responsibility.


As Rudholm Group joins the DMIx community, we stand on the brink of a transformative journey. Together, we aim to redefine the textile and fashion landscape, driven by digital innovation, superior efficiency, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability.

Welcome to the DMIx community, Rudholm Group.

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