DMIx eXcite - the inspriation hub

DMIx eXcite, the ultimate source of inspiration for DMIx users, unveils the Spring/Summer 2025 trends in Moods & Colors and Materials.

For the Spring/Summer 25 season, immerse yourself in the transformative themes of Rise and Shine, Made to Last, Hyper-Sensorial and Paradise Lost? which are set to captivate and inspire the fashion and design community.

The trend collections, developed in collaboration with the DMI Fashion Institute’s global network and an international textile advisory panel, serve as a story of the future and a guide for visionary designers. Discover the individual themes that strike a balance between the raw and the refined, the simple and the avant-garde, now enriched with cutting-edge material expertise.

Created in DMIx MoodBoard, these trendboards, available to all DMIx users, are an invaluable source of inspiration, offering color palettes and innovative materials for anyone who wants to be inspired. From the hopeful optimism of Rise and Shine to the pensive contemplation of Paradise Lost?, each theme offers a unique perspective on the future of fashion.

Check out DMIx eXcite inspiration hub to explore these comprehensive color and material trends and dive deep into the essence of Spring/Summer 2025, where the fusion of colors and materials opens up new horizons for creativity and innovation.