DMIx and verce presenting at the DMEXCO 2023

A new star is born! Digital fashion has found a new venue in Cologne. Beginning this year, we are proud to be a part of the DIGITAL FASHION Event held in conjunction with the renowned DMEXCO digital marketing event from 20-21 September.

Join Gerd Willschütz (DMIx) and Jule Widmann (verce) for a 40-minute dive into fashion’s digital evolution. These experts will guide you through DMIx’s unique ecosystem, an emblem of contemporary excellence in the world of fashion and textiles. They’ll connect the unparalleled precision in color management, the incorporation of realistic 3D fitting models, and the intricacies of crafting lifelike digital human avatars.

DMIx has mastered “phygital“, a bridge seamlessly connecting the tactile realm of fabrics with the boundless possibilities of the digital sphere. As Gerd and Jule peel back layers of the platform’s groundbreaking features, you’ll gain insights into an end-to-end workflow and how it’s driving efficiency and a sustainable future for fashion. DMIx  /  verce

Mark your calendars for an inspiring DIGITAL FASHION on-stage program September 21, 2023.