Sportswear Industry Insights – Colorful Impact

Sportswear in Focus Bright colors and a combination of different functional fabrics in a single item are found in many sportswear products. Delivering consistent retail color quality is essential for the brand value and…

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Transforming Fashion with Real-Time Data-Driven Solutions

In the quest for a more efficient, sustainable, and responsive fashion industry, there is an urgent need for a radical overhaul of fashion's value chain. So let's explore how to take on those new challenges - from…

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🌈’Colors & DMIx’ – Exploring the World of Colors

Introducing 'Colors & DMIx': A LinkedIn Series 🚀 Welcome to ‘Colors & DMIx',  where you’ll explore the vibrant world of colors and their impact across various industries. Following this series on LinkedIn…

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DMIx eXcite - the inspiration hub for all DMIx users

Material Trends Autumn/Winter 24/25 on DMIx eXcite

DMIx eXcite, the integrated source of inspiration for design teams, brands, and suppliers on the DMIx platform, is excited to release “Material Trends Autumn/Winter 24/25” in collaboration with the DMI Fashion…

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DMIx translates RAL COLOURS into digital space

Colorimetric Translation – DMIx digitizes 2,500 RAL colors

ColorDigital GmbH, the visionary force behind the DMIx® ecosystem, announces its strategic collaboration with RAL COLOURS to digitize more than 2,500 globally recognized and standardized RAL physical colors. The…

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2023 White Paper Color in Sportswear Industries

White Paper: The Digital Color Revolution in the Sportswear Industry

The rapidly growing world of sportswear is at a crucial turning point. The industry is driven by consumers' increasing passion for fitness and the outdoors, and brands find themselves in the midst of a maze of…

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DMIx Digital Color Technology

Transform how color and material data are managed, shared, and utilized

Step into the Future with DMIx Color Technology! Are you still grappling with inconsistent color representation in your fashion and textile business? Especially at NOS products, sourced in different countries?…

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DMIx drives digital transformation in Bangladesh

DMIx supports Digitalization in Bangladesh

Digital Transformation on the Rise! Our General Sales Manager, Kai Timpe recently led a highly productive strategy session at Square Textiles Ltd., Dhaka, with a strong focus on maximizing Digital Product Creation (DPC)…

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Bureau 555 joins DMIx Ecosystem

Bureau 555 joins as Official DMIx Partner

We're pleased to welcome Bureau 555 to our growing community of partners. With co-founders Nusrat Mahmud and Gabrielle Shiner-Hill at the helm, Bureau 555 brings a wealth of digital expertise and supply chain knowledge…

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DMIx meets BGMEA in Bangladesh

DHAKA, Bangladesh - DMIx by ColorDigital is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of a significant high-level meeting with the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) in Bangladesh.…

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